Saturday, February 06, 2010

More on the Haitian relief effort

#OpenStreetMap is used extensively in Haiti, more then the other geo locations. There is a great article in the Guardian that extols the virtues of OpenStreetMap in Haiti. What makes this article so interesting is that it talks about the many relief support applications that are currently in use.

Software like Sahana that helps people find people, managing aid, managing volunteers, tracking camps and liase among the many people and organisations involved. It is the kind of software that should be ready for wherever it is needed.

There is more software that is used, read the article for that.. My point is, that when disaster strikes, you want to be ready. Disaster can and will strike anywhere. When you are prepared, when your software is ready for deployment in the whole world, when it is localised for the people that are there, they can actually use it.

I am happy to learn that we may get people localising OSM at I would love it when all the software mentioned is ready to be used when disaster strikes in my backyard,

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Anonymous said...

Check out also the CrisisWiki - - it's still in progress, but it's a new wiki meant to hold resources for handling emergencies like the Haiti earthquake, using MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions.