Friday, February 26, 2010

A much improved #Tropenmuseum picture

Raden Demang Béhé was unrecognisable in the original picture from the Tropenmuseum. The original annotation indicated the prominence of this gentleman and, with this much improved picture, we have something that is the start of an illustration.

This image is the result of work done on the material as provided by the Tropenmuseum, the improved contrast starts to bring out his face and, the pattern in his clothing starts to become apparent. A big thank you to Pete Forsyth.

I contacted the Tropenmuseum about this picture. The best quality they had was a JPG picture. This is not really usable for a restoration, so they promissed me to scan the original again. In a few days I am looking forward for a TIFF at a very high resolution.

The normal process is that we look for the feasibility for a restoration. This image will obviously need a lot of work. Often there is more low hanging fruit. This time Peter Weis has something to prove; he is talking with some German institutions and they do not see the point of digital restorations..

If you ask me, Pete has already made the point for Peter. It will only get better..

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