Saturday, February 13, 2010

A new face for #translatewiki

The main page needs a bit of a redesign; its content does no longer reflect that well and its default skin is the modern skin. The "modern" skin does not reflect the best of breed in skin technology and "vector" is what defines the best the Wikimedia Foundation has to offer.

There is a new impetus to improve on the existing skinning system by Jack Phoenix and as is always on the very bleeding edge, it may make sense to make the translatewiki skin one that includes the very best and the very latest in skin design and technology. One reason not to choose "vector" is because it is likely to define the look and feel of WMF projects.

Nikerabbit started this idea for a redesign with a LQT thread. Given that is the ultimate multi lingual wiki, extra attention has to be given to other scripts including for right to left languages like Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew.

So there are two issues that need to be addressed:
  • update the main page content
  • update or replace the skin to showcase our best of breed technology

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