Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pet hates and wishes for #gmail

The best thing of GMAIL is that you do not need to delete regularly all your old mail. My oldest mail is from February 2005. People do change their e-mail address and while it is easy to add / consolidate new and old addresses, it is not possible to indicate that an e-mail address is no longer in use.

The e-mail address for the board of the Dutch Wikimedia chapter has changed. The old address that I marked as "other" will no longer work but the mail I received from them is still as valid as ever. As buzz became part of gmail, the notion of social media has been firmly established. I would love to see this extended to address information; I would love to share address information with my friends, colleagues and acquaintances. This would save me from a lot of labour and mistakes.

The other pet hate is that contact details are not made available as Google Gears functionality. It is useless when you need an address from your laptop when there is no Internet connectivity. I am totally happy with Google moving from Gears to HTML-5 support. However, in my opinion the lack of Gears support for contact details is an old ommission.

My question is, will Google read this and, as you already read it, what do you think?

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