Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dutch #Wikimedia chapter does gLam

How best to fit #Wikipedia in the #library world is what the Dutch Wikimedia chapter and the Dutch Public Library Association wants to find out.

In order to learn about this, the library of Vlissingen was asked to be the focus for the brain storming, the experiments, the training in order to establish best practices. The library of Vlissingen has a reputation of being innovative and up to date. Their website features a blog, an information evening on web 2.0 and many hot topics already.

As we learn the best practices for mixing the information provided by Wikipedia and libraries, we will be able to assist students when they work on their projects. We are eager to learn how we can bring the local world of Vlissingen and its library in contact with the global world of relevant Wikipedias.

Once best practices have been formulated in Vlissingen, they will be made available to the Dutch libraries. Libraries are anchored in the physical world, we want to reach out to them and through them and introduce other local communities and organisations to the Wiki world as well.

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