Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I care but I POSITIVELY hate this crap

English #Wikipedia's featured pictures is a truly valuable asset in the struggle to create more free content. Each featured picture is among the best in its class and, there is only one such every day that gets the attention of millions of people.

Its value is recognised in the attention it gets from GLAM. It is a celebration of the effort in getting an image just right and the recognition thereof by fellow Wikipedians. This recognition is a motivator for some and consequently I think little of the proposal to remove the credits on these featured pictures.

It is a petty move that suggests that there is an appearance of "content ownership" and that our practices should be all the same. This is utter folly, our practices should reflect what is best in a specific situation and the suggestion of content ownership is negated by the free license of the material.

Sedum rubrotinctum by Noodle snacks

Pictures are typically the work of one person and consequently it is ok to celebrate their efforts. We should be proud of those who prove to be among our best.
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