Wednesday, April 07, 2010

#iPad is about consuming everthing #Apple

Skinning the furby
When you buy an iPad, you buy it from Apple. When you buy content, you buy it exclusively from the Apple store. When an application competes with an Apple application it will be shelved. When you buy content, a large percentage of the revenue will go to Apple.

To get an iPad, you buy at a premium. In a way an iPad is like a furby it is until you want to skin it. Experience with the iPhone shows that nowadays in the Apple dictionary tinkering is synonymous with bricking.

At the time of the 1984 video, Apple had an enviable reputation, the Apple ][ series were a hit because it allowed for tinkering. When you want to do original work on the iPad however, the restrictions are truly Orwellian. Rumour has it that Apple intends to develop its own search engine, given its license this will allow Bing and Google to be removed as a service from the iPad..

I will pass on the privilege of an iPad and look forward with interest how competition will be treated by Apple.

PS you cannot edit Wikipedia on the iPad..
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