Monday, April 05, 2010

Library of Congress is one of the most important sources for #Wikipedia

When we are in need of illustrations, particularly for historic subjects the LoC is a wonderful, resource. It has been for a long time our best resource for featured pictures.

Magnus Manske has surprised with a new tool. It shows the amount of traffic of the material from the collections that have are identified as such.

When you look at the traffic statistics for the Library of Congress at this moment are still being aggregated; there are only statistics for 5 Wikipedias at this time.

The numbers show clearly how much traffic is generated by pictures being on the main page. More then half of the traffic (155 329 580 of 260 633 366) is from just one day..

The new tool of Magnus is important, it shows what material is actually used and that it is actually seen by our readers. It helps us build and maintain relations in the GLAM world.
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