Saturday, April 24, 2010

ፊደል means #script or #alphabet

The Amharic and Tigrinya #Wikipedia use the Ge'ez or ግዕዝ script. I asked Merhawie at some stage about font support for the script. The existing open font for the Ge'ez alphabet is incomplete and needs to either be replaced or added to.
My Linux support for the Ge'ez script

Some 34 million people use this script for their language and it is an obvious inhibitor for the Internet. There are already two Wikipedias that use this script. When we enable our Wikipedias by supporting the missing characters, we are likely to get attention from people that we need to grow our community.

To put the potential in perspective, the Dutch language is spoken by some 22 million people and the Dutch language Wikipedia is currently the 10th biggest Wikipedia
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