Friday, April 30, 2010

World Press Freedom Day

Every year on the third of May it is World Press Freedom Day. It is difficult to find to find the appropriate verb for this day. You want to celebrate press freedom except, in many countries there is nothing to celebrate. In those countries there is everything to hope for, remembering the days when there was a more free press or envying the countries where the press is more free.

As I am preparing this blog, I find myself considering what is worst, the 99 journalists killed in 2009, or the 136 who were in jail on December 1, the 573 journalists arrested.. I could illustrate all three. Reading the interviews of journalists who have to deal with a lack of press freedom is also sobering..

It is a mistake to think that press freedom is only about elsewhere, journalists in the USA have been victimised by law officials who flaunt the law. In a country where the press is truly free, such officials would have to face the law.

I blog and, in a way I am like a journalist, I report, editorialise and I am happy to have my worldwide public. My subject matter is a niche but I report about what I consider relevant. In order to keep this freedom, it is important to raise the issue of a free press. A free press is essential to be free, to make up your  opinion and to be heard.
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