Thursday, April 08, 2010

Your #localisation is needed to improve our #usability

#Commons is the first project with the best usability software our developers have to offer. Research shows that newbies do better with vector, the new skin. If the Wikimedia projects need one thing, it is more newbies sticking with our projects.

The message that localisation is needed to improve usability has been often repeated. It is an message easy to explain; if you do not understand what it says, it is not usable. When you look compare the statistics from last month, you will find that as a percentage things have not improved for most languages.

This is due largely to new messages that explain the opt-out system for the hard core monobook fans. Changing Commons first gives everyone a clear view what all our Wikipedias will look like. It provides you with a real experience why it is important to localise the usability software now.

It is important that you do because preliminary figures show that some 20% of the people who were converted to vector went back to monobook. This is a clear indication that many people are not happy. You can make a positive difference and, this difference starts by localising for your language at

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