Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The amazing progress for the Gheg language

The #localisation for #OpenStreetMap is done. It has been done in a record time and, with the initial work done they are ready for the second phase of such a project; proofreading.

The good news is that as the user-interface is now ready for inclusion in the live software, it will be easier for the people in Albania and Kosovo to perfect the OSM maps that are relevant to them.

As OSM is used when disaster strikes, it will save a lot of grief when quality maps are available. This is helped when people appreciate that OSM can be localised at But it starts with providing OSM in the logical language for a location. Even when there is no localisation yet, providing the message that we welcome localisations in their language is extremely powerful.

PS Remember the boy scout motto.. "be prepared" ??
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