Monday, June 14, 2010

Improve communication

On the Malayalam #Wikipedia there is the idea to write articles based on what people want to read. Shiju Alex posted the idea on Foundation-l.

The idea is to have a list of searches that failed to provide a result. Sprinkle some statistical magic on it, and it will be a tool that makes a difference in generating traffic for our projects.

The thread is positive about the idea. It is considered not hard to implement and this thread provides a fine moment for the Wikimedia organisation to reward positive ideas.

It has been said all too often that communication between the community and the organisation has broken down. It has broken down because it is only announcements that reach the mailing lists from the organisation. As a consequence the function of the WMF mailing lists has deteriorated.

When the WMF is to consist of two separate unconnected parts; an organisation and a community this would be acceptable but in my opinion that is not what any of us want. It would be good when positive threads, contributions are at least acknowledged. It would be good when every now and then positive threads, contributions are rewarded.

This is an idea that deserves rewarding.

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Anonymous said...

They might use "Google Insights for Search"