Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Urinals for babies ... WTF ?

The #Tropenmuseum object of this month are wonderful contraptions used in Turkey and Iran from before the pre-pamper era to keep tender babies bottoms dry.

Dry baby bums

These three objects are urinals, they provide drainage tubes for the urine of babies. The baby is wrapped in cloths in its crib and they keep the urinal in its place in order for the urine to flow in to a pot or a flask under the crib.

The wooden urinals are not that old. They were bought at the end of the last century in Turkey by an American collector. The green glaze urinal is some 1000 years old en originates from what is now Iran. This is probably a centuries old custom.

The Tropenmuseum would like to know if these objects are still in use in Turkey, Iran or somewhere else. Do you know any other methods of keeping babies dry? The Tropenmuseum is eager to hear your reaction..


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