Saturday, June 12, 2010

#Wikia functionality wanted for #Wikipedia

As the Wikimedia Foundation worked on its usability project (UX), Wikia did not stop improving its offering of MediaWiki as well. The illustration shows a MediaWiki blog by Avatar announcing slide shows.

My blogging is hosted at Blogger. I am happy with and used to its functionality, but I would consider blogging on a blog at Meta for instance. As the WMF in its strategy wants to improve participation, it is something to consider.

Avatar announces slide show functionality.. When you consider the many, many wonderful illustrations we have at Commons for so many subjects, it seems an obvious and welcome addition to our functionality. It is things like this what makes editing at Wikia so appealing.

When it is considered, remember that the Wikia software is open source, that it is localised at and, it has been tested on a website with a lot of traffic.

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Anonymous said...

They have this for mediawiki already, or very very close to it. Its already in the mediawiki SVN, just file a ticket to get it enabled on Commons.

Wikia's was developed because they didnt know this existed, and they wanted to integrate it into their existing structure, but its not a new concept of gallery display.