Friday, July 16, 2010

Corruption, problems or issues

At #Wikimania there were many people telling each other many tall stories. I was given the impression that I am influential. I will shamelessly use this to further the goals I champion.

On the Foundation-l there is a thread about corruption. This is uncomfortable reading because the people in power, the people with influence, the coteries, the chapters who get their way are the likely villains.

The thread was started by Milos, he is a steward he is with me in the language committee, he is very much respected in the Serbian chapter. I am sure that he is like me "very" influential. He heard several stories and so did I. Several of these stories raise issues for instance did the German chapter sign the chapters agreement, is this or that election procedure transparent and fair, enforce people who are "in power" notions that will kill Wikipedia...

For me they are at best issues. Agreements can be signed, there will be next elections and when powerful people are stupid and harmful, they can be replaced. No problem, painful maybe, but no problem.

Strong words like "corruption" are dangerous. They poison the well from which we drink. When the label "corruption" fits, I want to have it reduced to a problem that is assigned to someone who deals with it. A person that is not me.

We aim to bring information, knowledge to the people of the world. That is a challenge, a challenge that we are meeting head on. This is what motivates me, I expect that it is what motivates us all. It is great when we have people who can and will deal with problems even when they deserve heady labels such as "corruption". I hope and expect that they are mostly bored out of their skull.
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