Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New languages available in #MediaWiki

When people request a #Wikipedia in a language new to MediaWiki, there is a requirement to localise the "most used" messages. Currently 469 messages make up these vital messages. As long as these messages are not completely localised, the language committee will not take any action.

Translatewiki.net is where this work is done and it is for the developers at translatewiki to decide when languages are made available in the MediaWiki interface.

Today in revision 70029, five new localisations were added to MediaWiki, they are:
  • Moroccan Spoken Arabic (ary)
  • Banjar (bjn)
  • Kabardian (kdb)
  • Kabardian (Cyrillic) (kbd-cyrl)
  • Dutch (informal) (nl-informal)
I have learned from the translatewiki.net developers that they stopped adding the language once the first localisation was added because the localisation stopped with the "most used" messages incomplete.

The rules of the language committee ask for the completion of the "most used" messages but we hope that the messages of the Usability Initiative will also be done because they will have a similar impact.
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