Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The relevance of the #Amharic #Wikipedia

The Amharic Wikipedia is a living and breathing Wikipedia. It is with 4.3K articles big for an African Wikipedia. Its localisation is doing OK; 70% of the MediaWiki core messages have been translated.

According to the English Wikipedia however, it "fails WP.WEB" this is to mean that "there are no reliable sources" that indicate the relevance of this website. The question I have is, is this reliable external to the Amharic Wikipedia or reliable external to the Wikimedia Foundation.

We keep statistics on the development of all Wikipedias. We have policies that ensure that every new Wikipedia conforms to minimum standards. We want to gain traction in Africa and honestly, if we consider our Wikipedias as not relevant then we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

The problem with this search for external sources in English is that it inherently brings a bias to the notability required. Wikipedia is for most languages the biggest MediaWiki website. When we promote the use of MediaWiki in "other languages" it is important to recognise the importance of our Wikipedias. Some may not consider this encyclopedic but Wikipedia has its relevance not only as an encyclopedia.
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