Friday, September 24, 2010

The real world intruding on the wiki world

Bangkok is in the news again. The agitation by some makes the thought of travelling to Bangkok uncomfortable. When a Wiki meet up has been planned for a considerable time, the real world can and does intrude. A trip to what is a favourite tourist attraction becomes an unwanted adventure.

Who is afraid of red, yellow and blue

Today was the scheduled date for the Allahabad High Court verdict on the Ayodhya title suit. It was postponed.  Today was the planned date for the meeting in Bangalore where the first Wikimedia India Community Newsletter  was officially presented. Without the postponement, the meeting would not have taken place.

I wish a Salamon will find a satisfactory solution
People travel to places all around the world to promote the ideals that are inherent in Wikipedia. Some wikipedians write their articles with a genuine personal risk. The information that we work so hard to be of a neutral point of view is not always considered acceptable by a censor and consequently we are prevented from achieving our goal.

What we aim with all of our Wikipedias, Wikisources, Wikinewses is to provide the basic information that people need in their life. We will spread the word and do what it takes for it to get there. Remember, in the Internet age, we are not the enemy.
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