Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ambitions for the #Myanmar #Wikipedia

A Myanmar times article informs us that the Myanmar Wikipedia community has the ambition to grow its number of articles to 15,000. It is ambitious not because there are too few people on the Internet but because of the technical issues they are facing.

This instructional screen shot shows that the localisation has improved a lot lately. It would have been fun to have Jimmy's message shown with all the nice boxy indicators that the Unicode font is missing but getting the core functionality localised is still more important.

When you read the article you will start to understand why achieving 15,000 articles is ambitious. Getting everyone to use Unicode fonts will be hard; some 90% of the Myanmar population use an incompatible writing system and, it will take some convincing that Wikipedia is worthy of the effort needed.

There are several scenarios that will make it possible to fulfil the 15K ambition. With out of the box thinking and some carefully targeted investments, this ambition is in reach.
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