Monday, November 22, 2010

#DYK, cloggs are safety equipment

Klompen, clogs, wooden shoes are what tourists buy as a souvenir. When they do not buy them as a souvenir, they buy pictures with them.

When it was decreed that safety equipment was to be worn, it was understood that clogs were out. This created a backlash and the Dutch safety institute could only test clogs to provide a compelling argument why this wearing safety equipment was so important.  The result was surprising to them because it turned out that clogs did comply with all their requirements and then some.

The people who actually wear clogs were not surprised. They provide isolation against cold and the wet. When a cow puts his feet down, they prefer clogs and not steel capped boots.

The protest ensured not only that clogs are now accepted safety gear, this ensured that Dutch wearing clogs is not only a myth; it is a reality.
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