Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let's get ready for the #Wikimedia fundraiser VII

We are getting ready for the fundraiser and, that is a good thing. The message, the functionality improves and this will helps us realise our objective.

It makes the localisation at tricky when the goal is to get 100% localisation in many, many languages. Full localisation is however a great motivator and we are again back to four languages in our "shooting on a moving target" challenge.

Ryan Kaldari added two messages in r76614 and only one needs localisation. They are:
  • 'payflowpro_gateway-month' => '$1 ($2)',
  • 'payflowpro_gateway-month' => 'Expiration month for credit card. $1 is the month number, $2 is the month name.', 
I am happy with our improving functionality and, you can help us improve it even more with your localisations.
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