Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let's have the best #Wikimedia fundraiser possible I

The Wikimedia fundraiser is now officially under way. It is the most ambitious fundraiser so far and, it is doing really well. Different criteria can be used to take the measure of its success and the ration of donations in the USA and the rest of the world is an important one. A global organisation needs global funding. One important aspect is that a donation is very much a sign of appreciation.

The best story so far is from Australia; the Paypal account used on the form is the one of the Australian chapter. All of a sudden suspicious large amounts of money find their way into this account. Warning bells went off at Paypal central and access to the money has been withdrawn.

What will it take to convince Paypal that all this money finds its way into the account of the Australian Wikimedia chapter for a good cause. The first line of business is probably to get into contact with them..
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