Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let's have the best #Wikimedia fundraiser possible VI

With Thanksgiving celebrations in the USA tomorrow, it is a good time to consider the plight of the turkey. Today is probably the best time to be still alive for a turkey while tomorrow is probably the day when the most turkeys will be eaten.

A whole turkey cost something like $20,- depending on quality and size and stuffing and stuff will certainly be another $10,-. Having such a grand bird well prepared and enjoying it with great company is certainly a feast.

The Wikimedia Foundation has had a great year, many things were accomplished, the usability has improved, GLAM partnerships are becoming more mature. Wikipedia is getting more traffic, there are more Wikipedias then ever with an increasing number of articles that are of interest to an increasing percentage of the world population.

We hope that you have your reasons to be thankful for what we have offered in all the Wikimedia projects. Maybe you can express it by giving us a turkey.
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