Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's have the best #Wikimedia fundraiser possible VII

The fundraiser is doing well, with over 5,6 million dollar donated we are likely to achieve the goal that exists that was set. There have been several nice spoofs of Jimmy Wales, la Giacondo is well known for all kinds of alterations and, having a beard as well is more then what Marcel Duchamp added.

The localisation of the two MediaWiki extensions, the "Donate Interface" and the "Payflow Pro Gateway" extension, is doing well. There are now 33 languages with great localisations.

There has been an argument if size matters when you should consider localising for a specific language. It is obvious that a Wikipedia with little traffic is unlikely to generate large amounts of money for the Wikimedia Foundation. Then again, it does not cost much either and, in this way a project, a language pays its own way.

Helping make the fundraiser a success in your language is one way of showing commitment to our shared goal. This is also a great signal to the WMF to consider helping with specific needs for your community.
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