Monday, December 13, 2010

The #Hindi localisation of #MediaWiki is picking up

When people are asked to name one language spoken in #India, it is Hindi. When you look what Wikipedia in an Indian language is the most popular, it is Hindi when you look at the page views.

For all these reasons, it is satisfying to see a new group of translators stepping up onto the plate and help with the Hindi localisation of MediaWiki at The effect of an improving localisation is two fold; the immediate effect is that the user experience improves and slowly but surely the page views go up as well.

Growing the reader base in India is really important; we want to double the number of readers in the coming five years and, this increase is expected to come from people in the "global south". With a great user experience and relevant content this is certainly possible.

When you read my blog you will find that I hardly ever write about the Hindi community. The main reason is that I am not aware of the stories that are waiting to be told.
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