Thursday, December 23, 2010

#IYC2011 - International Year of #Chemistry

As 2011 is the International Year of Chemistry, it can be a stimulus for our Wikipedia communities to share in the fun. On the official website there are many objectives mentioned that make Wikipedia a great platform for many activities.

The stated objectives are very much congruent with Wikimedia goals:
  • increase appreciation and understanding of chemistry
  • increase the interest of young people
  • generate enthusiasm for the future of chemistry
  • celebrate the role of women and major events in chemistry

As one of the Public Policy Initiative  objectives is to forge collaboration with academia, the IYC2011 makes the worldwide chemistry departments an obvious target for more collaboration.

There are also technical opportunities where MediaWiki and the Wikimedia Foundation can shine. It would be so cool when we finally enable the JMOL functionality in our projects. Another opportunity will present itself when what many call "Wikidata" functionality. There is a plan for a conference on this subject and, there is a wealth of data available for use in our projects.

IYC2011 may make 2011 the year when chemistry gets to the next level of great information in many languages for an important subject.
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