Friday, January 28, 2011

Experimenting with the Reenie Beanie #font

#Blogger has its own blog.  Obviously and their latest story was "More Fonts Means More Choice". Through the advanced settings of the Blogger Template Designer, you can select the type of text you want to change. I changed the title as per the example and fiddled around with it.

My readers do not need to have the font on their system because it is a web font. When they use the translation feature and the language uses the standard characters of the Latin script, they will get translated headings still in the "Reenie Beanie" font.


Most fonts are for the Latin script, but there are seven fonts for Cyrillic, four for Greek and one for Khmer as well. These fonts are of particular interest as they demonstrate that there are fonts for the "other scripts". Fonts that do not have to be loaded on the local system.

I wonder what it takes to get fonts added for other scripts, scripts like Myanmar or Thai.
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