Sunday, January 16, 2011

pywikipedia, the biggest #Wikipedia tool gets #localisation

Many people operate bots to do all kinds of funky mass edits in languages that they have no hope of understanding. It works out really well because many things are just routine and all it takes is for someone to operate a bot.

So far, the edit summaries were added by programming a text in the software and with over 270 Wikipedias this is not really practical. It has therefore for a long time been a wish to get all such texts to

The Amsterdam hackaton brought the right skills mix together. Mikael Nordin made the illustrations from Sweden and there was someone doing the pywikipedia bits, someone doing the translatewiki bits and now someone is promoting the notion that you can be the someone to localise pywikipedia wherever you are.

The texts that you localise for pywikipedia are texts that will be in your face in the recent changes. They will be in your face on whatever MediaWiki wiki that uses the power of many years of bot development.

Hackathons are wonderful; when people get together and work for a few days together they get so much done. The Amsterdam hackaton was dedicated to GLAM related stuff and good things got done.

Brilliant is the realisation that we have so much talent in the Netherlands. We do not need to bring people from abroad to have a really effective event.
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