Monday, February 21, 2011

#Breton, a language alive and well in #France

#Wikipedia is a wonderful way of giving a language a foothold on the Internet. It takes a lot of tender loving care to cover the subjects important to you comprehensively and, to enthuse people to become part of the editing community takes determination and perseverance.

The Breton Wikipedia is a great example of what can be done when people care and work hard. One aspect that is awesome is the work done to ensure that the Breton experience is complete. The team effort that goes into the localisation for Breton is excellent.

Fulup Jakez
This effort did begin with MediaWiki and its extensions but other software like OpenStreetMap gets the same tender loving care. The formula of really helps; this is what Fulup has to say about it:

OK, I don't know anything about formats and computer languages, I'm just a translator trying to get more softwares translated into my language and as a translator I appreciate Translatewiki services a lot because here I don't need to worry about Gettext, XML or whatever it is. I can concentrate only on my translation.

This was in a discussion about the possibility of supporting Notepad++ and WordPress on translatewiki as well. When you read the instructions on localisation for WordPress it becomes quite clear what the benefits are for the localisers; all the technical bits are taken care off, it is just a matter of what comes easy. The community of developers and localisers work together well with everyone doing what they do best.

Now to convince the people of WordPress or Notepad++ and we may support even more applications.
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