Sunday, February 20, 2011

"#Rape" is not the same as "making love"

In movies, showing a sexual act is deemed to be more or less ok when it is important for the story line. The result is that many "sex scenes" are stomach wrenching awful. Consensual sex between two adults is rarely seen even though this is what good sex typically is about.

Nothing new here, except when the notion of rape and making love gets conflated and a rape in a movie gets reduced to making love in a Wikipedia article. The word rape has a clear meaning and reducing it to something else is quite contrary to what a "neutral point of view" is about.

Rape is sex forced upon someone.

There is no single argument I can come up with why Wikipedia should reduce rape to anything less. When we want women to feel secure being a Wikimedian, the rationalisation that rape can be reduced to "making love" is unacceptable.
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