Monday, February 28, 2011

Supporting #mobile phones in #India

When you look at the distribution of traffic for #Wikipedia on the mobile phone, it is quite obvious. The "other" languages of India are not on the map. With not even one megabyte of traffic they hardly register.

As the Wikimedia Foundation has partnerships with Telecom organisations like Orange, asking them to help us promote our "other" Wikipedias is so obvious. Obvious because so far it was hard to come up with an argument explaining such a partnership.

The traffic by mobiles is so low, that this request to the Indian readers of my blog will actually register in the statistics. Click for instance here. A more interesting result will be had by clicking here. Some communities need to invest some effort to enable the mobile interface for their language.

So what can these Telecom giants do for us. They can provide a service to the people in India will show these languages flawlessly. If they want to do even more, they can make the browsing of mobile Wikipedia really cheap or even free.


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