Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#translatewiki.net, its essence is #community

When people localise at translatewiki.net, they are likely to get acknowledged for the work they do for our supported projects. New messages count in to its statistics like these for Mifos. The one project that does not get acknowledged is translatewiki itself and new messages in English do not count.

The feel of translatewiki is one of getting things done. Key is to ensure that what translators do makes a difference. Projects that need to learn about internationalisation find the developers at translatewiki helpful. They find in the localisers a critical audience that insist on clear and workable messages.

This is what Adam Monsen has to say about how translatewiki makes a difference for Mifos:
I often refer to comments/help/suggestions from Nikerabbit, Siebrand and other translators as examples of how y'all are helping us improve our translations immensely. Before we were welcomed into the TWN community, we (well I, anyway) didn't know much about the quality of our translations. Some parts of Mifos are untranslatable, et cetera. Before we were terrible at i18n. Now we're passable. translatewiki.net is helping us to become great at i18n.
The community of translatewiki.net is part of the Open Source / Free Software world and, it is a vital part for it to reach out all over the world because it brings a freedom that Richard Stallman does not mention; the freedom to use software in a language that is understood.
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