Monday, February 07, 2011

#Usability at has so many changes that there is the option for  "translations only" or "filter translations" on the recent changes. When you combine this with "New messages" providing the messages in threads, you will agree that a lot of thought has gone in getting the message you are looking for..

Another thing that is different is the "language selection". Usually the selection of languages is done by providing the ISO code and the name of the language in that language, but here it is a choice to make the selection more precise. For this reason the names of languages are shown in the language of the user interface.

As you can see of this screenshot of the recent changes in Farsi, many of the languages are still in English and, I have been told that some of the names of languages are wrong. So the question is not only how to add the missing names for languages but also how to improve on what is already there. If memory serves me well, we use the information from the CLDR for this. Translatewiki has a long standing policy to use as much as possible information that is contained in standards so we urge our translators to help out where it has the best effect.

You may also have noticed that the box is not properly right to left as is appropriate for Farsi, but I believe that one is not hard to remedy.
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