Monday, May 09, 2011

The UploadWizard became the default upload tool

#Usability is one of the key concerns for #Wikipedia and #Commons. Many people have complained loudly about the old process for uploading pictures and if it was not for the bot uploads, we would not have 10 million image files.

The development of the UploadWizard is at an end. It is now for the Wikimedia communities to embrace the new UploadWizard. The old upload functionality is still there for those who are set in their ways.

Obviously, now that the UploadWizard will get hammered, there may still be some issues. Please use the feedback functionality as the developers are still very much in the swing of things. When your user experience is a bit chequered in the language department, you can complete the localisation at

I feel confident that you will love the UploadWizard. It will bring our next 10 million media files a lot closer.
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