Monday, July 18, 2011

#CTM11; The #GettyMuseum is not a #GLAM partner yet

As the Getty museum is one of the richest repositories of our world heritage, it is not strange that many of the objects that are conserved there have ended up in Commons and are used in many Wikipedia articles. We do not really know what we are using of the Getty and consequently we cannot compile the statistics that show the relevance of the Getty to us.

This is problematic on several levels:
  • When illustrations come without provenance, how do we know they provide true information
  • How is an illustration without annotations acceptable when we require references when stating facts
  • What benefit is there for the Getty to provide us with annotations to the material we already have
  • What incentive do we give the Getty to consider sharing what is in their depot with us

The Getty museum was represented at communicating the museum in Düsseldorf. They do know that items of their collection have found their way to Commons. They are interested in learning how well it is doing. They would consider sharing annotations with us for what is already there and this might lead to more collaboration.

To make this happen, someone has to create a Getty museum template and start applying this to the media files that indicate that the object represented can be found at the Getty. The Toolserver has tools to automate this to some extent.
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