Thursday, July 07, 2011

#CTM11 #Wikipedia #GLAM reaching out to #Qatar

At an international conference, there is the opportunity to reach out to people who come from all parts of our world. Meeting with the head of IT-services of the museum of Islamic art is something of a privilege.

We talked about the Arabic Wikipedia, about the English Wikipedia about the quality of translations and the horror that are machine translations. We talked about getting children interested in what museums have to offer.

Most relevant in the context of communicating the museum, we explored a little bit if it is possible to have a Wikipedia meetup, a GLAM meetup in Qatar. We talked about backstage tours, editing time with conservators, getting the message out that Arabic has to be written well in order to attract visitors.

It will be a happy occasion when our worldwide audience learns more about Islam, Islamic art. It will be a happy occasion when quality information and imagery finds its way into our Wiki world. A happy occasion because it will bring us closer.
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