Thursday, July 07, 2011

#WebFonts for #MediaWiki is maturing

WebFonts, the MediaWiki extension that makes those languages readable that you do not have the fonts for, is surely getting better. Look at these two screen shots; the first one shows how a specific font can be selected while the second one shows the result.

What you will notice is that the support for the different scripts under Linux is adequate. The texts in the different languages shows properly. The Yunghkio font however does not do the Myanmar language justice as you can see in the result below. The text in Myanmar is not properly rendered.

Now that we can show multiple web fonts on the same page, the next phase will be to default to a font when a specific language is indicated. This will be the default scenario for making use of web fonts in MediaWiki.

At this time it is the WebFonts extension that allows for specific behaviour that benefits someone who is visually handicapped. The size of the characters and also the colour of the characters can be selected. Consensus has it that this should be available from the preferences and consequently it needs to move into MediaWiki proper.
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