Saturday, August 13, 2011

A fork is a tool to eat with

Bringing information to the people of the world is what #Wikipedia is about. We are getting better at it. We are for instance working towards agreements that will enable people to read our projects for free on a mobile phone.

Both Wikipedia and MediaWiki are free. If you want its content or functionality and are happy to comply with its license, you can do whatever you want with it. There have been projects with malcontents in the past. People who thought they had a better notion on how such a project should be run.

So far, such notions, dreams, follies have been proven to be no success. With some regularity there are people who want to give it a go for their own reasons. They can and they may. However, the result is a distraction from what our projects are about; bringing information to people so that they can gain in knowledge.

The growth of our projects is not in the "global north" so any project that is a result of such a locality will at best be a distraction particularly when it is in one of the languages that are already supported with a high amount of quality information.

Yes, you can. Yes, you have a right to be convinced by your own arguments. It is however a brave person who will acknowledge later to his own folly.
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