Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sterkebak does good work and wants to continue doing it

I travelled to #Wikimania with Huib. He and Robin are fellow members of the language committee. Both are doing great work, both equally deserve some positive attention. Their stories are quite different.. Enjoy..

Who are you, where are you from
A 25 year old man from the Netherlands, with a love for taking pictures and currently setting up my own company. 

What WMF projects are you active on

I'm still active on Incubator, it used to be Commons and Meta also.

What are your personal priorities for Wikimedia projects
Sharing the things I know and doing the things I can do best. This includes sharing the pictures I can make. These are the most important things for me. 

You are a member of the language committee and admin on the Incubator, how do these two relate for you
I think both go hand in hand, being active on both incubator and the language committee makes it possible for me to be active in the whole process. From helping new languages to discussing them and after that importing it to the a own Wiki. It makes me proud to be a part of that process.
You have a sad reputation related to sock puppetry; can you explain this and explain yourself
First of all the reputation is a little bit not true, yes there are other account but it used to be that when a account is renamed the old account still exist. I'm renamed multiple times leaving those accounts behind. When you strike those accounts there are still 3 accounts left. The reason those accounts are being used is kind of simple. When you love a project very much you want to edit it. I just cant see the things I could do and look away.

You want to regain standing in WMF projects, what is important to you and what activities do you want to do
For me its important that I do the things I like and the things I'm good in, this includes my work as a photographer. I always believed it was important to share my pictures and I uploaded a complete portfolio to Commons. I come on some places where other people wouldn't easily come and its really important to me and it makes me proud that those pictures are shared under free licensing also. Since 2010 I'm a member of the language committee also and I believe that that work is very import and I like doing it.

The Dutch Wikipedia is the main source of issues, can you talk about your on wiki activities prior to your block.
I started on Wikipedia writing articles about graveyards (fields of honour) later on I start taking pictures with those articles as subject, from that moment on I stopped more and more writing and started adding pictures with that my edits also started to be less until it completely stopped because I spend more energy in other projects.
How relevant is it for you to be unblocked on nl.wp
Its not, I stopped editing there almost one year before the latest block, I prefer to work with images and writing articles is just not my thing.

Any comments on the “automatic” blocking on other projects ?
I think all project should decide for them self when they block somebody. Automatic blocks... I don't think they are being the best for the projects.

WikiWeet is the source of your problems, this is a project external to WMF Why did this spill into our Wiki world ?
The WikiWeet project was mend to be a project for children so they could start there and move later on to Wikipedia or Commons. This worked very well and lots of people don't see the difference between the two also because the children that used to be active there are now on Wikipedia. I think that the WikiWeet did what is was made for and it brought good children to Wikimedia but it brought some problems with it.
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