Thursday, August 25, 2011 is done with #Wikimedia #Mobile

The work to make a #MediaWiki extension to support mobile devices is entering its final testing. Every developer with an interest in mobile support is asked to have a go at the new PHP code. These are the open issues.

Thomasz plans to switch over from the Ruby platform around the fifth of September. As a consequence the continued localisation support for Wikimedia Mobile is no longer needed.

It is the time to thank all the people who worked on Wikimedia Mobile and ask their continued support for "Mobile Frontend". Currently there are 44 messages and these are what it takes to get ready for the next generation of MediaWiki mobile support.

Commons "Mobile Frontend" main page
The one feature that stands out for me is that it is no longer only Wikipedia that is supported. It is time for the other projects to see how they want to take advantage of the new mobile possibilities.
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