Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Want to test the PHP mobile #Wikipedia environment ?

At #Wikimania you learn things that may have been there for some time. One such is the invitation at the bottom of every Wikipedia to its mobile view. What you get is the mobile software as developed in PHP.

This is really nice because this mobile view is integrated in MediaWiki itself and consequently new functionality may affect the mobile view. Currently the functionality is the same as what is available in Ruby. There is a need for people to test the new mobile functionality so please check it out.

When you do not have a necessary font, you will see the little boxes indicating Unicode characters like in the illustration below.

At this stage, the mobile developers need all the feedback they can get. Try it on your computer, your mobile... Compare it to the Ruby version that can be found at ** Let us know where the new software lets you down compared to the old.

Once the new software is as good as the old, we can move on and bring in new functionality that helps you to get the most out of your mobile. Things like uploading pictures directly from your phone into Commons would be nice...

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