Sunday, September 25, 2011

Babel #localisation is now a priority

All #Wikimedia wikis have the Babel extension enabled. Slowly but surely people are starting to use it and it does already support many many languages.

For the Lezghian language there is a Wikipedia being developed on the Incubator. As a consequence there are Wikimedians who know Lezghian and it does make sense when they can find each other.

When this extension is localised at, the Lezghian portal and the Babel information on user pages will be looking great. Once the localisations are enabled for Lezghian on the WMF wikis, you can indicate your fluency for this language and other languages as well. When the localisations are a bit off, you can update them at and, the next day you may be able to notice the difference.
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