Monday, October 17, 2011

Having #Babel level 0 available is best practice

On many a #Wikipedia, people come along to do some admin work or leave a message. I have the good fortune to invite people to become part of a "language support team" for their language because the "Localisation team" I am part of do not know enough of all the languages we aim to support.

My user page looks practically the same on all the projects where I have a user for my WMF persona. The example above indicates that I do not know Catalan. The message I leave is also the same for all languages, the one I left on the Catalan Wikipedia can be found here. Obviously it is not in Catalan.

We hope to channel the communications between a language community and us through the people who can help us and who are willing to help us. It is simple, proper support for a language requires expertise and together we can provide proper support for all our languages.

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