Sunday, October 23, 2011

#Language options looking for an iteration

At we live at the #MediaWiki edge.. Living at the edge brings you surprises. It brings us for instance a language drop down thingie with weird options. Dutch, British English, English and American English.

Typically my user interface is set to English so I changed it to Dutch to see if it would pick up the fact that there is Belgian Dutch, formal Dutch and Dutch. It did not; it only translated these "language options" into Dutch and it did not sort them properly.

I then checked the options for English only to find that it did not pick up on Canadian English as being a valid option. American English is not even an option.

This fun event will be mentioned at the "stand up" meeting of the Localisation team. It will be interesting how the "product owner" will evaluate this new functionality and if and how our team will deal with it. Whatever the result, I do not expect that too many words will be used.

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