Monday, October 03, 2011

Looking for language support for #Lezghian

People want a #Wikipedia in Lezghian. They have done the localisation of the most used messages for MediaWiki. Articles have been written so everything is ready for the final phase.

Checking if what has been written is Lezghian takes a bit of doing. Amir is on it. He will find people who can but in a way Amir does not scale. There are some 300 Wikipedia and incubator languages and ambitions for many, many more.

We need plan B. Plan A is doing everything ourselves, plan B is to have a framework for language support provide us with the answers. The WMF language committee has a need and the WMF localisation team is setting up a framework that may be able to help.

When people know their language well, they can do so much more for their language. Not only to get a Wikipedia but also to get a Wikipedia.
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