Wednesday, October 05, 2011

What is in a name

This user localises for the Sinhala language. As you can see, his name is something that will be hard to recognise even for native speakers of the Sinhala language. One character is completely lacking and, that character is probably to be used together with the third language.

When our friend from Sri Lanka localises one of several projects he is interested in, it will be obvious that we do not and cannot verify any work done in Singhalese. A computer needs to have a functional font for Sinhala or alternatively web fonts need to be provided..

What we hope for is people who know their language well will be joining the Language support teams we are setting up and become an ambassador for their language. We really need knowledgeable support for Sinhala because these pesky boxes are not going away when I have a Sinhala font selected.

What gives, why does the font not work. What other issues need to be addressed?
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