Thursday, November 17, 2011

#Intrernationalisation - #India Government best practices

I was pointed to a PDF about "best practices for e-government applications for India". It is a wonderful document. Many of its messages are completely applicable for MediaWiki and supporting the languages for all our Wiki projects.

A few choice quotes:
  • It’s a simple question to ask when you build applications: Who is the user?
  • Most of us don’t speak English
  • Applications that are simple, seamless and complete for every user in India

When Wikipedia is to achieve its purpose, we can paraphrase another great line:
It is our objective now to demonstrate everything stated above available to all Indians regardless of their knowledge of English. It will be native to users’ experience and expectations.
The underlying infrastructure is ready and the implementation can be done. The outcome is cost-effective delivery of useful services to all people using the internet.
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