Monday, November 14, 2011

#MediaWiki code review leads to refactoring

Once software is written, it needs review. When you get a great review, it may include both specific instructions and general suggestions. Krinkle did a wonderful job reviewing the current iteration of the WebFonts extension and his instructions and suggestions equally apply to other applications we are working on.

This realisation that instructions and suggestions are equally relevant in other code is powerful; it also indicates that the existing code is written in a consistent way. For the Localisation Team it is not that surprising as it does its part in the development and the maintenance of coding standards particularly for internationalisation and localisation.

Given that all Wikimedia developers are reviewing each others code and given that every one has its strenghts and weaknesses, quality is achieved by reviewing widely. For many Wikimedia developers reviewing code of other developers is a reminder that they grew into their role because of the people who mentored them and reviewed their code.
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