Friday, December 23, 2011

#SOPA threatens the relevancy of the #USA

The laws of the United States are more and more determined by special interest groups. The SOPA is a law that is intended to stop "piracy" in such a way that big companies effectively get "legal" means in the United States to suppress websites wherever in the world.

Such bullying tactics will result and are resulting in a backlash.

It is important to understand something about how the Internet works; every website can be found on the Internet because an IP-number is connected to a domain name. DNS or dynamic name service connects the two. DNS servers provide this service and typically these servers are best located near to the client who makes use of DNS. However, there is no reason not to use DNS from servers located outside the United States. Such functionality is readied for use in Firefox.

When a domain is registered with a company in the United States like Go Daddy, it is possible to stop the service of a domain with the support of a domain registrar. However, for organisations outside of the USA registrars like Go Daddy will be reconsidered as a trusted service provider particularly when they not only can be compelled to stop providing domain support but also, like in the case of Go Daddy actively support SOPA.

The problem with big companies is that they already have a track record of threatening legal procedures trusting that their opponent does not have the money and / or the presence to enter proceedings in an US American court of law. The consequence is that there already is no equality under the law. With SOPA even more power to abuse the system is handed to the special interests of big companies.

When the dominant position of the USA on the Internet is abused in this way, the process of limiting the power of the USA on the global Internet will increase. Proposals for laws like SOPA are a wake up call to the world. It may lead to the end of the free and global Internet we love so much,
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